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Ruby Tuesday’s Petite Plates are Perfect!

Today I had a lunch date with a friend of mine and she suggested we go to Ruby Tuesdays.  I hadn’t been there in ages and wasn’t sure what to get. I was banking on getting the salad bar, but with all of those options – I was sure to set myself up for a caloric failure. I turned the menu over after passing up pastas, burgers, and seafood dishes and stumbled upon their “Petite Plates” section (click the photo to enlarge it), which includes smaller portions of meat with a side of cheddar mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  I ordered the Chicken Fresco, featured in the menu and I was a bit skeptical that it wouldn’t have much flavor and even more skeptical when I saw the tiny piece of chicken and the spoonful of mashed potatoes and a lot of broccoli.

Within the first bite, I was hooked! Not only was it absolutely delicious, but after I finished I felt completely satisfied. I wasn’t overstuffed or wanting more. It was perfect.  For those of you who find it hard to stick to a healthy diet when you are out, you should definitely try Ruby Tuesdays for their Petite Plates.  🙂

To learn more and to check out the full menu, visit

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