What’s the true cost of not drinking Shakeology??

Yes, I am a Shakeology Junkie.  When I tell people about how wonderful it is and how it has changed my life, they get so fired up about it, but then when they find out the price ($119.95 if you don’t use the Beachbody Coach or Team Beachbody Club Member Discount), they back off.  They immediately say that it is too expensive.  My question to them is what is the real cost of not drinking Shakeology.
Not only do I feel and look great from having my daily Shakeology fix, but I also look at it like an investment in my own health.  The amount that I pay ($89, because I’m a Coach :)) is far cheaper than the price I would pay for a breakfast or lunch out of the house.  For example, I pay at least $10 at Panera, Subway, or Chipotle, but if I were to drink my Shakeology, it breaks down to about $4.    Shakeology is not a protein shake or a weight loss shake, it is a nutritional shake that is a meal replacement. It is designed to keep you full and gets rid of cravings for the bad stuff.

So let’s just take a look at a typical meal cost: $6 – 10 a meal for breakfast or lunch. That can run you $180 – $300 a month. The cost of Shakeology for one month is $120 or $89 if you are a coach. That is savings anywhere from $60 – $200 a month! What could you do with an extra $60 – $200 a month? I know what I would do with it…cross something off my Bucket List!

You may even say, well Allison, I already have a protein shake that I’m using.  That is great, but I can guarantee that your protein shake doesn’t give you all of the healthy stuff that Shakeology can give you.  Like I said, Shakeology is more than just protein, it is a comprehensive nutritional shake. If you were to buy all of the nutritional products (a bag of protein powder, a fiber supplement, a good multivitamin, a greens powder, an antioxidant complex, and enzymes and probiotic blend.), from let’s say, GNC, this is what you would need to buy to equal what you get from Shakeology:

  • GNC 100% Whey Protein $63.99/73 servings = $.88
  • GNC Natural Brand Fiber $17.99/30 servings = $.60
  • GNC WellbeING Exercise Multi-vitamin pack $44.99/30 = $1.49
  • GNC SuperFoods Supreme Anti-oxidants = $49.99/30 servings = $1.67
  • GNC Greens $27.99/30 = $.93
  • GNC Ultra Probiotic Complex $39.99/30 = $1.33
That’s $6.90 per day and requires a lot of shopping and space to store all of that.  Even if you were to make your own “green drink” you would probably spend about $40 a week buying things like kale, spinach, fennel, ginger, carrots, apples, pineapple, banana, protein powder, flaxseed, romaine etc…then the cost of gas and miles on your car to go to the grocery store.
So what I’m saying here is, if you replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology you will automatically be saving at least $60 a month. That’s $60 a month back in your pocket for drinking something that will improve your health, and help you to lose weight, make you feel better, and even look better.
You are investing in your health!

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