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I Used to be Fat

This morning after my workout, I switched on the TV and started eating my breakfast to wind myself down. As I scrolled through the channel guide, I saw a show called “I Used to be Fat” on MTV.  At first, I was a bit appalled at the name and thought that the show would be horrible.  But after 5 minutes of watching it, my heart broke for the young lady named Terra.  She was a beautiful girl with a sweet spirit who weighed well over 200 pounds.  I was touched by Terra’s dedication to wanting to lose weight and wanting to change her life, but her parents were not supportive.  They continued to keep the bad food in the house and making fun of her for wanting to lose weight.  Even when her trainer came to confront her parents, they completely dismissed him and said that they can’t wait for the program to be over so that things can go back to normal.

It amazed me that they couldn’t even see how dangerous they were living their lives – eating tons of deep fried and sugary foods and not being active at all.  I commend Terra for her desire to want a better and healthier life, even though she was met with opposition from those who are supposed to be supporting her and proud of her.  Eventually, her parents came around, but to see the uphill battle that she was going through with her parents was tough to watch.

I began to think about how this is a very common story for most people who want to lose weight and get fit & healthy.  That is why I became a Beachbody Coach, because I wanted to be that support system for those who simply didn’t have anyone helping them to reach their goals and change their lives. A few weeks ago, I got an email from a customer who purchased Shakeology and TurboFire, a few months ago.  She told me that she had lost 75 pounds and said that she couldn’t have done it without my support. I would text her in the mornings, send her motivational emails, and give her a call every now and then to see how things were going.  She told me in her email, that I was the only person in her life who believed that she could lose the weight. Everyone in her life told her that she would always be fat and would never succeed in losing weight.  These are the moments in my life that make know that I am definitely doing the right thing with my life.  Because I want to be a good support system but more importantly, I want to lead by example. So as I continue to stay healthy and fit, it allows me to help others be healthy and fit.

If you are or you know someone who is struggling with losing weight, getting fit, or adopting healthier habits, let me help you. I do this for FREE, so just click here and learn how I can help you reach your goals of living a healthier and better life.

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