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P90X Has Gone Mobile!!!

P90X is now available as an iPhone App!

Yup, that’s right, for all of your iPhone users, you can now get your daily fix to Bring It on your phone.  So for the first time ever, you can take Tony and the P90X workouts wherever you go. No more excuses. Get the P90X® App for iPhone® and you can:

  • Auto Schedule your workouts
  • Record your sets, reps, and weights for each workout
  • Push through plateaus with customized progress reports at 30, 60, and 90 day marks
  • Automatically sync your workouts with the WOWY SuperGym (which means making sure that you don’t miss a chance to win money)
  • Log your nutrition and calorie intake
  • Stay motivated by earning badges for meeting goals
  • Share your success and motivate others

Bring It!® Anywhere
You can use the P90X App for iPhone to get ripped at the gym or on the go. Just purchase guided versions of the P90X workouts, designed specifically for your iPhone, and you can work out anytime, anywhere.

Get the P90X App for iPhone now for only $4.99. Visit and click on the P90X iPhone App button on the far right hand corner. As an added bonus send me a message once you have bought it and I can show you how to save money on the “Guided Workouts”.  Who doesn’t want to save money and get fit???

For more information, send me an email at

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