Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight – Part 2

In the last post, I shared that one major component of losing weight and keeping it off is to truly commit to losing weight. It sounds simple, but many people don’t truly commit and therefore, don’t make it a priority and thus never lose the weight that they sent out to lose.

After you have made the true commitment to lose weight and focus on living a healthier lifestyle.  You have to take ACTION! You can have all of the motivation in the world, but if you never take action to do it, you will still be at phase one.

The next two components are simple: Work Out and Nourish Your Body.  Many times people get very excited about working and attack it with full force, which is great, but normally, they don’t stop and think about the type of workout that they want to do.  They go to the gym and see what everyone else is doing and mimic what they see, neglecting to realize that they may not be ready to workout at the level of their peers.  Take it easy, if you haven’t worked out in a while, start off slow, with a few days a week. If you have never ran a day in your life, don’t hop on treadmill and set the timer for 30 minutes at speed 6.  Start off slow, get your body used to this new lifestyle.  As you complete your workouts with more ease, then you can step it up. That may mean, walking for 30 minutes a day, then once you do that well, try upping the speed or the incline or try adding hand weights.  Take it one day at a time and don’t try to compete or compare yourself with other people on their fitness journey.  This will prevent you from injury, discouragement or from burning out.  Also, try to experiment with different activities and workouts, so that you don’t get bored.  Try lifting weights one day, then doing some cardio, maybe take a class, or buy a DVD home fitness program to mix things up.

Secondly, you will have to change the way that you eat. Yes, I am a Shakeology fiend, but drinking Shakeology (or any other meal replacement or protein shake) will only get you so far.  Many people, think by taking a supplement or a meal replacement will help them out. But drinking one shake a day, while continuing to eat like crap and not breaking a sweat, will honestly be a waste of your time.  You have to focus on nourishing your body, because as you engage in more physical activity, your body will need to be fueled so you have the proper energy to have successful workouts.  Plus, it is a well known fact, to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume.  That means, cutting out foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar and calories.  Incorporating more fruits, veggies, lean protein, and fiber in your diet.  Yes, I approve of ANYONE drinking Shakeology, because it nourishes your body, keeps your feeling full, and helps to reduce cravings of the bad stuff, but I also encourage everyone to workout and stay committed while drinking it.

If you are serious about losing weight, you will need to stay motivated to work out and eat healthy.  There are no shortcuts and excuses aren’t allowed.  As a Beachbody Coach, I want to help people in any that I can to achieve success with their health and fitness goals, so I felt that this blog series was very important to share with you.  If you want to double your chances with success, you should find someone who will keep you accountable to your goals.  If you are looking for that, I can help you by being your coach and I have a ton of people who I could connect you with to have a success accountability partner. If you are interested in either, email me at allisontibbs@beachbodycoach.com.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!

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