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Welcome 2012!!!

Well, 2012 is here and I am so excited! This year I have set some goals that will definitely push me outside of my comfort zone, because I know that is where my success lies.  So I’m going for it.  Yes, I do truly believe that I will accomplish them because I have put some things in place to help me to achieve them. If you have set new year resolutions or goals, you can implement these into your life as well to help you reach your goals!

1. Write Them Down: There is power in actually taking the time write down what you want to accomplish.  When you write them down you are actually thinking through what you want and you are able to map out what success will look like for you.

2. Review Your Goals Daily: When you have your goals written and fully developed, you want to create a way to make sure that you are able to visually see your goals every day.  I have a white board in my home office where I have a section that has my goals written down. There is also a section that I use to track my progress. For example, this year I want to sign 25 new coaching clients and add 10 new coaches to my network to work as coaches on my team.  I have “NEW COACHES” and “NEW CLIENTS” written on my board and under each one is a big fat zero.  Everyday that I look at those zeros it makes me work harder to working to changing those zeros to a 10 and a 25.  I also wrote my goals down on a post it note and it near my night stand so I can see them when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

3. Get a Success Accountability Partner: Yes, writing your goals and reading them daily is huge, but when you are able to find someone who you can tell your goals to and then will work with you to help keep you accountable, you increase your chances for success by a lot.  Find someone who will be committed to your success and you do the same for that person. Set up time to check in with eachother once a week to share your updates to your goals. Also, don’t hesitate to touch base daily with a text or FB message to keep you motivated or to share a concern, success, challenge or just to say hi.

4. Check In With Yourself: When you set out to achieve your goals, you want to take time every month to see where you are with reaching your goals.  This will let you know what you need to be doing or what you need to stop doing.  In one of my previous posts, I talk about the questions that you can ask yourself.

The key is to make your goals, commit to them, find someone to keep you accountable, and then monitor and track your progress. Anyone can set a goal, but it is those who actually take action and commit to their goals are the ones who actually succeed. So which person are you going to be in 2012 – one of goal setting or one of goal achieving!

If you need help with setting your goals or need a success partner, send me an email at

Here’s to your success!

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