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Week One Done

Okay, well here we are one week into 2012.  How has your week gone? For me, I am actually feeling pretty good.  In the last days of 2011 I read the book “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  The book focuses on how to be more productive and how to defeat procrastination.  I’m going to be honest, procrastination was (emphasis on was) a big issue that I had. I always found ways to get everything done, but I didn’t realize how much more I could get done with my life and my businesses, if I really approached my days focused to get things accomplished. One thing that really stuck out in my mind with Eat That Frog, was choosing to be selective in what you procrastinate on.

I used to focus on getting all of the small items on my list done first then take time to focus on the big item (The Frog). However, I learned that by the time I got through with all of my busy work of the little things on my list, that I was so worn out that I didn’t have the strength or energy to attack the big item (The Frog).  In Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy aims to get us to Eat The Frog first.  So that is what I decided to do, to eat the Frog and procrastinate on the small things (that usually aren’t important and can wait another day or some don’t even really need my attention).

First week in, I can say that I have crossed off EVERYTHING on my to-do list for the week. 🙂 I ate Frogs all week and it proved to help me save a lot of time, eliminate doing things that were producing value into my life and I also found that I had more time to do things that I wanted to do. Each day last week, I was able to lay in bed and read a good chunk of pages of a book on my iPad, which I never do because I’m too tired or because I’m too busy freaking out about the next day’s to-dos.

The goal is that 2012 has been pretty stellar because I’ve been more efficient and productive, but had time to do things that I also enjoy.  And bonus, I’m already 10% done with one of my BIG goals that I set this year.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but I would definitely recommend that you read “Eat That Frog”.  Now I’m on to reading “PUSH” by Chalene Johnson and “The Perfect Ten Diet” by Dr. Aziz.  (Yeah I’m weird and read many books at once) I’ll let you know what I find from those books and share with you, now that I have time to do reading at night before bed.

Have a Kickin’ Week Two!

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