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Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow

I came across this photo right as the new year was rolling around and it really got me thinking about how many people choose to put off one of the most important things in their life – their health.

Recently, I had a chat with a woman, a mother of 2, that I had spoke to over a year ago.  Last year, she was telling me how she really wanted to lose a few pounds and get ready for the summer months.  I gave her a plan of action and told her that as her coach, I’d keep her accountable to help her reach her goals.  I was committed to help her reach her goals, but everytime I wanted to get started, she gave an excuse that she was too busy and that she would start her fitness plan and her journey to clean eating tomorrow.  Every time we spoke, she always said “tomorrow”. Eventually, we lost touch with eachother until last week, when out of the blue she called me.

In our conversation, she shared that she had gained over 45 pounds since we last spoke, her blood pressure and cholesterol was through the roof, and her health was really struggling. On top of that, she was finding it very hard to keep up with her young children.  The real kicker was that she has just came back from the doctor who had told her that if she didn’t lose at least 65 pounds she would be in jeopardizing her life.

She recently joined me with the 12 week “Healthy You, Happy You” Coaching program, and she no longer says ‘tomorrow’, she is now a woman who is all about ‘today’.  She is on her way to losing the weight, getting off her blood pressure & cholesterol meds, but most importantly, she is preparing for the rest of her (long) life with her family.

This story is so familiar for many people and I want to encourage you that if you have been putting off one of the most important things in your life, because you are too busy or whatever else, make today the beginning of your new life. Don’t put off tomorrow something that can save your life.  If you are looking for an extra boost or help to get motivated, I’m here for you! Happy Monday and make today great!

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