Spring Into It

ImageWell, Spring is officially here and I use this time as my preparation to get ready for the summer.  As the weather gets better and the snow is (hopefully) a distant memory, it is the perfect timing to do some Health and Fitness Spring Cleaning.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your Summer Beachbody:

  1. Update your workout wardrobe.  This is the perfect time to get rid of the holey, pit stained shirts and worn out biker shorts and get new duds.  For someone, I always feel like a workout warrior when I’m dressed like a champ!
  2. Check your shoe game. Make sure that your shoes are in good condition, if not, it’s time to get new ones to support a more effective (and safer) workout. 
  3. Invest in new water bottles.  After using the same water bottles for the past months (or years – you know who you are), you may be setting yourself up a bacteria invasion. 
  4. Shake up your workouts.  Now that the weather is better, think of ways to upgrade your workouts to doing things outside.  Sunshine and fresh air can be a great boost for your workouts.
  5. Set goals for the summer.  Where do you want to be by June 1st? Set some summer goals to be your main focus for your spring workouts.  I’m dedicating my spring to work on my abs and lower body.  My reward will be 5 new bikinis!

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you prepare for the summer, which is only a few months away. So get to work!

For more information on some products or new workout programs, check out www.beachbodycoach.com/allisontibbs and click on the “Shop” tab.


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