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Summertime Lunch: California Caprese Rice Salad

It never fails. Every summer I develop an addiction to eating Caprese Salads.  I buy a basil plant and keep my fridge stocked with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes (hopefully, next Summer I can have my own tomato plant).  Almost every day for lunch or dinner I find a way to incorporate basil, tomato, and mozzarella into anything that I cook.  I’ve created interesting pasta dishes, salads, even frittatas.  Today, I made a salad totally knocked my socks off, I guess I would call it a “California Caprese Rice Salad”.  I’m not big on measuring but it was very simple to make. I used a handful of grape tomatoes, a handful of Ciliegine Mozzarella, a cup of brown rice, half of an avocado (diced), fresh cracked black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil & balsamic vinegar.  It came out great and was very filling! I suggest that you give it a try! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Summertime Lunch: California Caprese Rice Salad”

    1. Absolutely! I actually tried it with it a few days ago and the texture was actually better and it held on to the flavors a lot more. Had a nuttier taste, especially the combo with the avocado! Delish!

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