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Insanity Day One: Fit Test


Well, today marks the beginning of the Fight Winter Weight Gain Insanity Challenge. I’m excited to start this program again, because the past few months I’ve been feeling that my gym workouts have been a bit lackluster. Insanity is one workout that truly tones and sculpts your body, while keeping things challenging and on your toes.

Today was the fit test, where you have to complete a series of exercises. You have 60 seconds to complete each one and do as many reps as you can. The goal is to improve consistently each time you have a fit test. Here are my results:

Switch Kicks 113
Power Jacks 47
Power Knees 91
Power Jumps 33
Globe Jumps 10
Suicide Jumps 15
Push Up Jacks 20
Low Plank Obliques 56

It was a bit rough this time around. I had to take breaks in between some and I slowed down in some to make sure I had good form (as that is also very important). Overall, I was happy with my fitness but I know I can dig much deeper and I plan to do so on my next few tests.

I feel good but definitely want to use this round to push myself and to see consistent improvements each fit test, lose 1 inch in my waist and drop my body fat. I want to see true definition in my arms and legs like never before, as well as improve my cardiovascular ability as I would like to start doing more races in 2013.

Well, here we go!

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