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Insanity Day 3


Last night I finished Day 3 of Insanity and it was pretty intense. It was Cardio Power and Resistance, with includes a lot of power jumping, push ups, and track drills. The saving grace has been using a yoga mat to help soften the landing on the jumps. My knees are getting pretty bad as I get older but using the yoga mat has made the workout easier on my knees.

Last night, as you can see, I was literally drenched in sweat! It was so bad that my mascara started to run down my face, LOL. But I felt great afterwards. The mornings are always a bit tough because I am so sore, so I am now taking more time after the workout to stretch and then stretch in the morning.

I’ve also been making sure that I’m upping my water intake throughout the day and drinking Shakeology everyday. This is key to make sure that my body is fueled and hydrated. I do find that I am also extremely hungry during the day, which I credit that to the bump in my metabolism with such an intense workout. But by following the Insanity meal plan, I’m eating at least 5 times a day and if I’m still hungry I grab a healthy snack.

This evening is cardio recovery, I will let you know how it goes!

If you want more information email me at or to learn more about Challenge Groups, click here! You can purchase an Insanity Challenge Pack by clicking here!

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