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Day 11: Cardio Recovery

Gosh, I must say that I was so excited to wake up and see that Cardio Recovery was on deck this morning for Insanity.  It was nice to take a bit of a break from the plyometric and intense circuit training to do a bit of “recovery”, especially since I tweaked my groin muscle last night doing Plyometric Cardio Circuit (Day 10). However, I should point out that I still got a great workout in today, even though it was a “recovery” day.  What I love about this workout is that it focuses on deep muscle workouts, core strength, and intense stretching.  There are a lot of squats, lunges, and planks as well as some yoga poses that you hold then pulse.

Per usual, I was dripping with sweat and I could really feel my body working hard.  My goal for this week with Insanity was to focus on building my core muscles, since you don’t do crunches or floor ab exercises, I want to make sure that I’m focusing on my core so that I am able to lean out my abs.  This was a great workout to focus on the core muscles and breathing.

Overall, I’m starting to see my body changing and it’s only Day 11, but HIIT will do that to you.  I’m also excited because my challenge group is still checking in daily and staying committed by doing the workouts, drinking their Shakeology, and digging deep! This has been a great experience so far and I’d love to have you join me for my next Challenge Group.

Tomorrow is Cardio Power & Resistance then Pure Cardio AND Cardio Abs to finish the week. Here we go!


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