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Day 15: Fit Test #2

Yesterday I completed my second Fit Test with Insanity. I was happy to say that I saw improvements in every category.  My cardio has really improved and I was shocked at how well I was able to do the moves and my form was much better than the first time around. Actually, everyone in my Fitness Challenge saw improvements in their Fit Test.  It goes to show that if you stick with Insanity and stay committed it can really help you change your body.

Fit Test #2 Results (Fit Test #1 Results)

  • Switch Kicks: 129 (113)
  • Power Jacks: 48 (47)
  • Power Knees: 96 (91)
  • Power Jumps: 35 (33)
  • Globe Jumps: 11 (10)
  • Suicide Jumps: 17 (15)
  • Push-Up: 22 (20)
  • Low Plank Oblique: 62 (56)

While I was doing the low plank obliques, I could see how my legs and abs were beginning to lean out. It was a pretty cool angle! I’m still pumped about the program and knowing that I’m almost done with the first month is exciting, but I’m also anxious to get started on Month 2, which is even more intense.  That is when I know that I will see big improvements in my body and my cardio will INSANE!

Well today is Plyo Cardio Circuit and I’m actually sore from the Fit Test, so this should be interesting. Wish me luck!

My next challenge will start on January 7th and it will be a ChaLEAN Machine Challenge. That means any Chalene Johnson program can be used for this 60 day challenge. It should be a good time, I’ll be doing TurboFire, but she has many other programs. To learn more click on the Fitness tab of this blog to check out the different programs.


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