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Insanity Day 25


I must say that I’m really enjoying the process that my body is going through with Insanity. Over the past 4 weeks my body is definitely changing and my endurance is has drastically improved. Now I breezing through the warm ups and I’m completing the workouts without taking breaks (a feat that some of the models in the video can’t even do). I’m really pushing myself to make sure that my form is on point and I can tell the difference it is making when transforming my body.

I’ve lost an inch in my waist which is a surprise because I was quite happy with my midsection. My workout pants and shorts are now sagging a bit in the waist, which is awesome!

The fact that I’m doing this program with a challenge group of 5 people also helps to keep me accountable. When I wake up and don’t feel like pushing play, I think of the rest of my challenge group members and I know that they will be working out and checking in to our Facebook group. Many people start Insanity but it’s nice to see a group of committed people who will finish it!

I’m feeling pretty good and pumped today. Next week is the Recovery Week and luckily it falls during thanksgiving while I will be in Sedona, Arizona for the week.

If you have ever started insanity but never finished it or if you want to try it and want someone to keep you accountable, send me an email and we can get you set up to succeed!

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