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My Reasons For Trying To Live Healthier

inspiration-3Many people lately have been asking me, “Why are you so obsessed with fitness and health?” I laugh when I hear people ask me this because I don’t think that I”m obsessed. Truth be told, attempting to live a healthier life has been very important to me, because at one point, I didn’t know how much longer my body would be around.

In my early 20’s, I began to notice that my body was not operating at it’s full potential. I started to notice little marks and burns all over my skin that looked like someone burned me with cigars and cigarettes.  My nails, which were normally pretty strong, began to break all of the time.  My hair became brittle and dry and I started to develop dark circles under my eyes. I also began to have severe abdominal pains that would last for days at end.  My stress level was high which lead to constant anxiety & panic attacks coupled with bouts of depression.  I started to develop insomnia and couldn’t function properly. I felt like I had no control over my body and it was doing whatever it pleased.

On top of that, my diet sucked! I was eating anything that I wanted and it was pretty unhealthy – loaded with sugars, carbs, and fats.  I was barely working out and when I tried I could only last about 20 minutes.  This was pretty pathetic because I was once a Varsity Track athlete and cheerleader in high school. I was always fit and healthy when I was in my teens, but once I started working in Corporate America after college, my eating habits and fitness habits took a back seat.

I had to make a change and I started with committing to working out every day at Crunch Gym in NYC. I also had a friend who accompanied me and we kept each other accountable. Soon enough, I was in the gym for a minimum of 2 hours every day after work and on the weekends.  Physically, I began to feel better, I slept better, was less stressed, and my anxiety & depression began to subside.  But I still noticed that my body was still looking like crap – hair, skin, nails – and my stomach pains were not going away.  It wasn’t until I quit my job and moved to Switzerland for a few months that I adopted a healthier diet.

I began to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cut out the processed foods (that’s a big NO-NO over there), drank more water and herbal teas, and ate more lean proteins.  The changes that happened blew my mind. Within 2 weeks, I had slimmed down significantly, my skin was glowing, and my stomach issues subsided.  I felt like a new person.  I also gave Nordic Walking a try in the mountains to add a new element of physical fitness. The combo of the full body workout and being in the fresh Swiss Air, only improved my well being.

When I came back to the States, it was a bit harder to keep up with the lifestyle that I had adopted in Switzerland, especially since the food manufacturers here try to pump us with junk! So with that being said, it is a bit of a struggle now, but I stick with it. I work out daily with different fitness programs and drink Shakeology everyday, which has helped me with the cravings and making sure that I get TONS of ‘good stuff’ in my body.  I also run my challenges every month to help make sure that I stay accountable to eating healthy and working out, even when I don’t feel like it.  Yes, sometimes I have “cheat meals” or don’t push play to work out.  But I will say that I am much healthier and happier now than I have ever been. On top of that, at 28 years old my body is stronger, healthier, and looks much better than it did at 18 years old.

So, yes, you may see me posting tons of photos on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter of me working out or of my meals.  You may see my posts about being healthy or fitness tips.  But just know that I’m not doing it to show off or brag, I’m doing it because I want to be a part of the movement that will end the nasty trend of obesity.  The only way that I can do it is by leading by example and encouraging others to join me, by helping them to reach their health & fitness goals.  So, I’m not obsessed, I just know what it is like to be unhappy and unhealthy and I refuse to go back to that…ever!

Stay encouraged, folks! Xoxo…

***If you want help with your health and fitness goals, send me an email at Or if you are interested in helping to end the trend of obesity, you can join my team as a Beachbody Coach. Email me if you would like to learn more!


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