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Shakeology: New & Improved

I’m happy to announce that Vegan Chocolate Shakeology is new and improved.  Some of you complained about the taste or the grittiness of the new shakes (which is typical of a vegan, dairy free, plant based protein shake).  But the good folks at Beachbody listened and improved it!  You can place your order starting December 21, to ensure that you receive the new Shakeology! If you are looking to try the new and improved Shakeology, send me an email at and I will mail you a sample to try it out!

Order New Chocolate Vegan Shakeology – Click Here!


Q: What’s different about the new Chocolate Shakeology formula?
A: Our team focused its improvements around five key sensory aspects: Aroma, taste (especially aftertaste), sweetness, chocolaty-ness, and texture. How did we do that? Two key ways: 1) We adjusted the protein blend to improve the texture/grittiness (still the same amount of protein) and 2) We created a more harmonious chocolate flavor that reduces aftertaste, accentuates the chocolate aroma, and allows the chocolatey-ness of the natural cacao to shine.

Q: How does the nutrition compare to previous chocolate formulas?
A: The nutritional benefits are the same as our previous Chocolate (New Superfood) formula. It still has more fiber, less sugar, and the 4 new Superfoods (Moringa, Coconut Flower Nectar, Luo Han Guo, and Himalayan Salt).

Q: How can I ensure that I receive this new formula in my next Chocolate Shakeology Home Direct (HD) shipment?
A: No need to do anything! You and your customers will automatically receive the new formula in your next HD shipment.

Q: How will I know I’ve received the new Chocolate Shakeology formula?
A: Look for the nifty green sticker on the front of the packaging. For the first month or so, every bag will include a sticker that says: “We Heard You. Now Better-Tasting. Customer Approved. Same Great Health Benefits.” We’ve also permanently removed the red and white “New Superfood Formula” flag.

Q: I’m currently on HD for another flavor. How do I switch to Chocolate?
A: It’s easy. Simply follow the link below and complete submit the “Modify My Shakeology Home Direct Order” form.

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