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Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Shakeology Everyday

So a lot of people ask me why I drink Shakeology and then ask if I really drink it every day.   Well, yes, I do drink Shakeology everyday because I have personally witnessed the amazing benefits that it provides to me and my body. So, I decided to create a post to explain my reasons why!

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Curbs Cravings: I have a sweet tooth and at times crave the junk food.  I know that nutrition plays a HUGE role in my fitness success. For example, if I am able to complete my Insanity workout, but then go off and eat like crap for the day, I will never see real results.  To lose weight and to keep it off, it requires you to eat as healthy as you can. Shakeology has helped me to curb my cravings, especially when I drink it for breakfast.
  2. Save Time: Because I am a full time Beachbody Coach, as well as a Speaker, Author, and owner of 2 additional businesses – my time is very precious to me.  I love that I can whip up Shakeology in less than 5 minutes and know that I am putting something great into my body.  It’s the healthiest “fast food” ever!
  3. Save Money: Shakeology is great because it is a meal replacement and when you break it down, it costs $4 per meal. (It’s $3 for me, because I’m a coach and we get 25% off all products & programs). On average, I can spend anywhere from $7 – $30 per meal on any given day. So this is a great way to keep my spending on food down every month.  By the end of the year, you are saving quite a chunk of change!
  4. Save Medical Costs: Because I’m always on the go, I have no time for getting sick and even more importantly, if I am not healthy my businesses suffer.  I drink Shakeology because it also helps keep me healthy by boosting my immune system and giving me more energy, so I can workout.  This in turn, helps to keep me out of the doctor’s office or buying over the counter meds, because I am truly healthier. I haven’t been really sick since I started taking it and have only been to the doctor for my regular annual check ups.
  5. Keep the weight off: When I decided to try Shakeology 2 years ago, I was at my wits end trying to lose the last 5 pounds. I was working out daily and trying to watch what I ate, but it wasn’t until I tried Shakeology that I lost those 5 pounds.  2 years later, I haven’t gained those pounds back! I’ve also noticed that my stomach is not as bloated and my abs, yes abs, are no longer “hidden” by a layer of fat.  I can honestly say that my body at 28, is better, stronger, and sexier than my body at 18 when I was a varsity athlete.

So, if you are thinking of trying Shakeology, these 5 benefits should help you to make the decision to give it a try.  If you are still skeptical, no worries, give it a try and if you don’t experience any of these benefits, there is a 30 Day Bottom of the Bag No Questions Asked Refund Policy.  That means, you can try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you can return your empty bag and receive 100% of your money back.  So really, what do you have to lose???

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