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March is a Big Savings Month for Fitness Programs!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good sale.  I even had an “Extreme Couponing” phase where I learned how to save 60% on groceries. So, I was super excited to learn about all of the AMAZING savings that are taking place this month for some of my favorite programs and products, like P90X, Slim in 6, Shakeology, The Ultimate Reset, and HIp Hop Abs!  If you are looking for a an opportunity to get a new fitness program or want to get a grip on your nutrition, this is a great opportunity for you take advantage of.  Check out the deals:

  • Save $80 on P90X Challenge Packs: If you were to purchase P90X or P90X2 and Shakeology you would spend over $250.  This month, you can get a Challenge Pack for only $180.  This includes P90X or P90X2, PLUS Shakeology HD and 30 days of the Club Beachbody Membership which includes a nifty meal planner to help you stay on track.  To purchase and save over $80, click here.
  • Save up to $50 on The Ultimate Reset: If you remember, I did the Ultimate Reset in January and lost 11 pounds, 8.5 inches, and 6% body fat by simply following the Ultimate Reset (check out my video review here).  If you are at a point where you want to get a grip on your diet and nutrition and detox your body, this is a MUST! To learn more about the Ultimate Reset and secure the great saving, click here.
  • New Price Reduction on Slim in 6 Challenge Packs: Now you can get fit and lose weight in 6 weeks with the Slim in 6 Challenge Pack with its new price of $140.  Similar to the P90X/P90X2 Challenge Pack, you will get the Slim in 6 Program, Shakeology HD, and 30 days of the Club Beachbody Membership.  Click here to purchase the Slim in 6 Challenge Pack for only $140
  • Hip Hop Abs for less than $20: Yes! This is such a fun and great workout for those of you who are tired of doing sit ups and crunches!  Shaun T kicks it up a notch in this workout program that incorporates Hip Hop moves that will completely tone your middle section.  It is now available for only $19.95, click here to purchase.

I told you, these were great savings on some of the best fitness programs and products! For more information on these programs and to learn how to save even more, email me at

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