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Can I eat Dairy on a Clean Diet?

This kicks off my Clean Eating Challenge with about 20 amazing women who want to start eating better. One of the big questions that I got was can they eat dairy when they are eating clean.  The answer is two fold.

Yes, Dairy can be considered clean as long as it is organic or says “natural” on the label.  You want to make sure that the milk, cheese or yogurt contains on a few ingredients, like milk, enzymes, and salt. Anything else added will eliminate it from the “clean” team.  Remember, eating clean is about eating foods that are as minimally processed as possible and are void of as many preservatives and artificial flavors & sweeteners.

With that being said, some of the cheeses and yogurts that are currently on the market, are not in fact “clean” because they contain artificially flavored or sweetened fruits or ingredients.  Many of those “fruit at the bottom” varieties contain a TON of sugar, not natural sugars that already exist in fruit, as well as the “Light” versions which tend to replace fats with sugar.

As a rule of thumb, look at the ingredients list and if there are a bunch of ingredients on the back, then it is probably not clean.  For more suggestions on clean dairy items, email me at


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