Are you scared of yourself?

Great blog post about challenging and overcoming your fears. The Boston Marathon tragedy really made me think about my life and how precious it is and I don’t want to live another day, not living and operating in my potential. I have been thinking all of the things that I want to accomplish personally, professionally and physically (ironically, running a marathon is on that list). What fears do you have that are keeping you back?

Jock In A Skirt

With the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday, I began to think of how fears can cripple us. How some may began to be afraid to race because of this act, like many were afraid to fly or travel into big cities after 9/11. The more I thought about this, the more I realized fears make us feel so powerless.  Seeing Darren Hardy‘s Daily Mojo from yesterday began to make me think how I’ve began facing my own fears the last couple of years.

“Daily Mojo: To be scared is to give up your power. DO what scares you and you gain it back.” – Darren Hardy.

While trying to make a list of my fears and why I felt that way, they all pointed to one fear. The fear of how awesome I truly I could be. I was afraid that I’d make other people uncomfortable if I stepped…

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