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Salad Jar Review


I’ve been seeing everyone posting about Salad Jars and how they are able to last for days and still stay fresh and crunchy. I thought it was PoppyCock until I tried one today that was made 5 days ago. Not only was it crunchy and crisp, but it was also delicious. Chipotle dressing, grilled chicken, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, blue cheese, and romaine lettuce. I will be doing this when I get back home!

As long as you keep the salad dressing and the lettuce separate, it will last for a few days and they make pretty big salads. This is perfect for meal prep and to eat all you do is shake and pour.

I will try this with different varieties of salads like Caesar, Asian, Southwest, and more. The options are endless. Have you ever tried this before? Share your favorite recipes!

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