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Make Time, Not Excuses

Have you ever said “I don’t have time to work out?” Let’s be honest?? I’ve said a few times, but the reality is that we all have the same amount of time in a day, it is up to us how we use and manage that time.  One of my workout buddies always says “I don’t have time to workout, I make the time to work out”.  This is so true, if our fitness is a priority in our lives then we will make the time for it.  Just like we make time to watch countless hours of reality TV shows or make the time to hang out with friends.  We even make the time to sleep in.  Why, because these are the things that are a priority in our life and these are the things that we want to do.  In one of my earlier blogs, I talk about creating a fitness program that you enjoy and actually look forward to.

Think about why you want to work out and get fit and healthy. Now, think about what will happen if you don’t achieve your goal. Will you still feel unhappy in your skin? Will you still have to take all of those meds that your doctor put you on?  If it is important to you, you will make the time.  I have a friend who schedules her workouts in her daily calendar and she treats her workouts like they are a business meeting.  She wouldn’t bail on her business meetings and she won’t bail on her work outs.   Take the time to make the time, because there is someone out there who is busier than you, who has already got their workout in for the day.  You can do this!

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