No more fighting with food!

Great blog about the struggles of food and weight, but learning how to embrace both and move towards being happier and healthier.

The Chef's Last Diet

I love food! For as far back as I can recall (and that’s a really long time) I have been fascinated with it. As a four year old I would pry open four Oreo Cookies, take a slice of American Cheese, folded into quarters, and put each quarter of cheese on one of my cookies, put them back together and YUM! Though many people- maybe even you, are thinking ‘Ew, that sounds disgusting’ I will ask you to think of going to the Cheesecake Factory for an Oreo Cookie crusted cheesecake! I don’t think anyone suggested this combination to me, in fact what I remember is sneaking into the kitchen early in the morning while my parents were still sleeping, to make this treat.

Through my life I have struggled with my love of food. This love has enabled me to develop my talents and develop the skills that make…

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