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Getting Ready for Vegas with Insanity AND Les Mills Combat

photo-1I am 8 days away from heading to Las Vegas for the Beachbody Coach Summit and I will surrounded by some of the most fit people that I know, which means that the next fews days are going to super focused on eating clean and training mean!   I am on Week 7 of Insanity, but have decided to also do Les Mills Combat for Two-A-Days!  I know that might seem a bit extreme, but we will also be doing group workouts live with some of the Celebrity Trainers and that includes Shaun T and the Dan and Rachel of Les Mills Combat.  And I want to be ready to rock and roll with the best of them.

Most people aren’t familiar with Les Mills Combat but was one of the programs that really shaped my shoulders and glutes and shredded my abs and core.  What makes the program so great is that it incorporates 6 different kinds of martial arts like boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, karate, and tae kwan do.  After I get back from Las Vegas, I will be starting a full blown program of Les Mills Combat! If you want to learn more about the program, check out the video below.  Also, this month there is a Les Mills Combat Challenge pack on sale. If you are interested after checking out the video, click to here to learn more about the program. If you want to join me on July 8th for a round of Les Mills Combat, I’d love to have you join me!

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