T-25 Giveaway!!!

Shaun T Giveaway Okay Folks, last night while at the 2013 Beachbody Coach Summit, I was able to grab a copy of Shaun T’s newest program T-25.  This program will be released later this month, but I wanted to do something pretty cool and give it away to someone!

T-25 is a program that is perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to dig deep with Insanity or those who don’t have a lot of time to workout.  With T-25 you will get a great workout in only 25 minutes for 5 days a week.  If you want results, but don’t have the time to push play for 45 minutes to 90 minutes with programs like Insanity or P90X, then this program is for you!

So how do you win YOUR COPY before it is released to the public?  It’s simple, starting today (June 20) until July 3rd,  anyone who purchases one of the following, will be put into a raffle to win Shaun T’s T25 before it’s released to the public:

What is a Les Mills Challenge Pack? It is a bundled package of the newest mixed martial arts and cardio at home fitness program, Les Mills Combat AND Shakeology, which is a nutrition and health shake. You will also get 30 days of the Beachbody Club Membership which includes a meal planner and other support tools.

How to better my chances to win? Any person who purchases a Les Mills Challenge Pack and joins my upcoming Les Mills Combat Challenge starting on July 8th, will get their name entered twice into the raffle!

How do I purchase Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack or Shakeology on Home Direct?

  1. I must be your Beachbody Coach, to sign up to have me as your coach (for free), click here.
  2. To order the Les Mills Challenge Pack, which is currently on sale this month, click here.
  3. To order Shakeology on Home Direct, click here.

What if I have more questions?

Just send me an email to allisontibbs@beachbodycoach.com or message me on Facebook – www.facebook.com/AllisonTibbsFitness

What if I just want to get the heads up when T-25 is available to purchase?

Just click here to get on my email list and I will let you know ASAP when it is available!

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