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5 Tips to Stay On Track during the Weekends


Today I had a friend ask me for help. Her eating during the week is clean and healthy and she works out regularly. However, on the weekend she really struggles to stay on track.

Here are some tips that I use to keep me on track during the weekends:

1. Plan your meals out. For example, if I know that I have plans for dinner, I try to go easy during breakfast and lunch. Vice verse.

2. Drink Shakeology everyday even on weekends. Keep you full and helps with cravings. Plus, if the rest of the day is crappy eating you know that you have at least one healthy meal.

3. Workout right when you wake up. Once your day starts, you won’t want to stop to workout. Even if its a lazy day workout, shower and then put your comfy clothes on and then relax knowing that you did your body good.

4. Graze on healthy snacks throughout the day if you are out running errands. I carry beef jerky, almonds, dried fruit, apple slices, P90X protein bar, or even a Shakeology Shaker cup with a packet of ShakeO to drink on the go.

5. If I’m drinking alcohol, I alternate booze with a glass of water. Also, I still try to get to bed somewhat early. If I am up late, I WILL eat junk food. So I try to go to bed, even if I’m hungry to avoid the late night post night out binging.

What are your tips? Comment below and share! Hopefully my tips help you!

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