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How Do You Start Your Day?


Start your day with peace and a healthy breakfast.

My morning routine hasn’t changed over the past year – prayer, bible, journaling, workout, and a healthy breakfast. This has helped to set the tone for my days and keep me grounded during my hectic days.

What can you do to keep the peace in your days by creating a morning routine with a firm foundation? I make it a priority to take the time from 7am – 10am to spend it doing the things I need for me to be healthy, happy and ready for the day. Choose a time frame each day, it could be 30 minutes or a few hours and focus on doing something for you. It could be a bath, yoga, meditation, writing, reading, manicures, cooking, working out, crocheting, or whatever else makes you feel good, healthy, and strong.

Make YOU a priority! Happy Monday!

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