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Don’t Be Afraid of Weight Lifting, Ladies

1081078_10151789678053076_274920965_nMany women say they don’t want to incorporate weights into their workouts, because they are afraid they will get “too bulky” Check out Shanda’s story, hopefully, it changes your thoughts about weight lifting.

“Before Body Beast, I always struggled with so many things in my life. I was 30 lbs. too heavy. I would work out some, lose weight, then quit and gain it all (plus some more) back again. I dreaded summers because I hated the way I looked in a swimsuit. I had zero self-confidence. I was always so tired, I’d come home early and head straight to bed. I never wanted to buy new clothes because I never felt pretty. I was a mess and I needed help.

That’s when Body Beast changed my life. My boyfriend—who was a Beachbody Coach—said I should try Body Beast. He’d done it and got amazing results. So I said, ‘why not?’ It was tough, but he helped keep me accountable—and it worked.

I gradually started seeing results. I was losing weight, building muscle, and finding so much more energy than I ever had. I added Shakeology and that gave me the protein I needed, as well as extra enzymes and vitamins. My body transformed into a sculpted, petite figure and I felt like I looked like the fitness girls in magazines now. For the first time in my life, I felt good about myself.

Then the most awesome thing happened—I entered the Body Beast Classic at Summit…and I won!

I can’t tell you how much Body Beast changed my life.”

For those of you interested in learning more about Body Beast, feel free to comment below or send me an email at

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