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Are you fueling your body? 3 Tips to stay Fueled Up!

Right now I have a challenge group running and we are 2 weeks in.  Many of the challengers are reporting to be super hungry and they are nervous about eating more since they are trying to lose weight.

I love when my challengers get to this point, because they are normally confused as to why they want to eat more food, then I remind them that they are now doing a committed fitness regimen where they are working out daily and burning more calories and building muscle, which revs up the metabolism. This is a great place to be along your weight loss journey, but it can also be the place that will sabotage your hard work.   Yes, you will be hungrier and want to eat more often and I encourage that…only if you are choosing foods that will fuel your body and help you along your journey.

So what should you do?

  • Focus on eating real and whole foods, keep the processed and refined foods out of your house and out of your mouth.  These will definitely side track your progress, especially because it isn’t “real food” and you body tends to hold on to it longer.
  • Second, aim to eat healthy snacks throughout the day. I’m a big fan of doing one snack that is protein and fruit (apple and tbsp of peanut butter or banana and 10 raw almonds) and then another snack that is fiber and protein (whole grain crackers with low fat cheese stick or plain greek yogurt with crushed pecans and sunflower seeds), because these keep me full and fuel my body.
  • Lastly, make sure that you are drinking tons of water, I challenge my groups to hit 80+ ounces a day.  Water is a necessity as you are working to lose weight and get healthy, but also, sometimes we think that we are hungry but in reality we are thirsty or even worse, dehydrated.

Hopefully, these tips help you if you find yourself ravenous in your new journey of fitness and weight loss! For more information or help to create some healthy meals and snack ideas, comment below and we can chat!

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