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5 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

I know that for some people, eating healthy is a challenge because they are not sure how to properly shop for the right foods.  It is pretty clear that one of the major ways to make sure that you don’t eat crap food, is to keep crap food out of the house. But then you are left wondering, “What should I get?” or thinking that all healthy food is “gross”. But, to be honest there are many great options out there for you.

First, here are some guidelines that I go by to help make sure that I am staying on track:

1. Sugars are everywhere! And it is so hard to keep it under control because it is in things like salad dressings, many condiments, and packaged foods.  I try not to add foods that have sugar as one of the first 3 ingredients.  Many cereals and yogurts are packed with yogurt, even the healthy ones, so watch out for that.

2. Shop around the perimeter, this is where the fresh foods are.  The aisles in the middle of the grocery store tend to have the processed and packaged foods, which are packed full of preservatives.  The perimeter is where you will find fruits, veggies, dairy, and the deli.

3. The Essentials in my cart – Fruits, Veggies, Whole Grains, and Lean Protein. These are the key things that I shop for every week.  It may seem pretty basic, but these can be great building blocks for a nice, healthy and tasty dinner.  Try googling recipes that include the things that you buy so you can experiment.

4. I buy organic when I can (I use coupons A LOT to be able to make up for some of the pricier organic stuff I buy)

5. Don’t forget snacks! Eating clean means that you will most likely need to consume more food (not calories), as many whole foods are lower in calories. So including healthy snacks are key.  I like to do fruit, nuts, greek yogurts, natural cheeses, whole grain toast (or Ezekiel Bread) with peanut butter, hummus with veggie sticks, etc.

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