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Ladies, want curves? Lift weights!


So, to be honest I was nervous about doing P90X3, because I thought I would get too bulky. But, although my weight has stayed the same, my body fat has gone down, my waist has gotten smaller, and my arms, legs and booty are more shapely!

Most women think that weights are a bad thing and will make you turn into the Incredible Hulk, and tend to stick to the treadmill, elliptical and cardio based group classes. I’m not knocking cardio, as it helps to burn fat and has improves/conditions your cardiovascular system.

However, if you are looking to not only lose weight, but to also tone up. You know, tighten up the loose skin that can appear after you begin to burn fat, then you will want to start adding weights and resistance training to the mix. Adding 30 minutes of weight/resistance training 2 times a week can make a BIG difference.

The combo of cardio and weights, creates a 1-2 combo punch that is super effective in creating a body that is lean, toned and sculpted. Which can give you a nice, shapely physique while still looking fit.

Give it a try, if you need some suggestions, let me know!

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