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How to Stay On Track on a Cruise Vacation

This past week, I was attended a free cruise that I earned from Beachbody, which was awesome! But, one thing that I had to remember was that a vacation is not an excuse for me to completely go off track with my clean eating and working out.  Yes, I was on a vacation and the point was to relax and not to stress, but I also know that one week of eating poorly and being inactive would make me feel like crap during my trip. So here are some tips of things that I did while on the 6 day cruise:

  1. Eat a bowl of fruit or a bowl of salad FIRST, before going back up to the buffet to load up on my main meal.  This helped me to make sure that I ate fruits and veggies during the trip, but it also limited how much of the other stuff I ate.
  2. Drink tons of water!  This is key, not only to stay hydrated in the heat and the sun, but also to make sure that you are flushing out toxins.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  On a cruise ship you will do a lot of walking, but to amp things up a bit, take the stairs to get in a nice leg workout.
  4. Do something active on the excursions before being a beach bum.  For each excursion, I made sure to do something active before laying around on the beach.  In Cozumel, we snorkeled and paddle boarded and in Grand Cayman we did some shopping (a lot of walking) and then swam and leisurely played in the ocean for about an hour (it takes a lot to keep the body afloat), THEN we hit the beach for a meal and a cocktail.
  5. Don’t stress out if you over-indulge.  If you do have a meal or a day that you go overboard, like me making a plate of desserts after one meal.  Don’t stress yourself out about it. You are on a vacation after all and if you have done something active during the day, ate some fruits and veggies, drank a lot of water, you should be fine.

Worse case, when you come back off the boat, take some time to reset the body by doing a 5 Day Clean Eating Streak or doing a 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse to get back on track.    Check out a short video I shot while in Cozumel that talks about how to utilize excursions as a fun way to get some exercise and burn some calories!   How do you stay on track during your vacations?

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