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Making Healthy Choices While Traveling

I am so excited to be off for a mini vacay to Mexico with some girlfriends, but the early morning travel is always a bit of a struggle for me food wise, because it throws me off my schedule. I usually love my Shakeology for breakfast, but when I travel I keep a pack handy with my Shaker cup to use on emergency situations (delayed flight or long flight and don’t want to buy the unhealthy pricey stuff).


I decided to grab Starbucks Oatmeal which is a good travel breakfast because it keeps me full and is quite tasty. One thing that I also love is that they now offer organic agave instead of sugar! A few drops or a solid drizzle will get the job done and helps to keep your sugar low. When you are traveling and load your breakfasts with sugar and junk (like the gentleman across from me who is eating a bag of flaming hot Cheetos and a Mountain Dew), you set yourself up to wanting more junk and sweets throughout the day, plus your blood sugar will spike and you will be hungry very soon!

When traveling, aim to eat foods that are easy to digest like fruits and veggies, drink tons of water so you don’t get dehydrated with the dry cabin air, and aim for foods that are nutritionally dense like oatmeal or a salad with lean protein to keep you feeling full, but not uncomfortable while you travel. Also, I pack snacks in the event that I do get hungry, this saves calories and saves money!

How do you eat healthy while traveling?

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