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Is Your Fridge Sabotaging Your Success??

dallas-fitness-and-nutrition-good-food-in-fridgeThe #1 ways to sabotage your success with weight loss is when your nutrition isn’t on point.

Here’s a secret that I learned a long time ago, IF YOU DON”T KEEP JUNK IN THE HOUSE YOU WON’T EAT JUNK! I know that this sounds pretty basic, but if you go into your fridge and pantry, you may be surprised at what you have in there and on a stressful or long day when you don’t feel like cooking, you will reach for those bad foods. However, if you have healthy options and snacks in the house and on hand at work, in the car, and in your purse, you will save yourself many calories and the heartbreak of not reaching your goals.

1. Get rid of all of the junk food, sweets, and other things that you know aren’t good for you. Check the labels to see which items are super high in sugar (like juices, sweets, etc) and which foods are super processed and refined. These foods are super addictive and will cause your body to hold on to weight and can cause other health problems. This may seem extreme, but it is so helpful. They key is to replace those things with healthier alternatives. This can be a great opportunity to try new things, experiment with new recipes, and figure out that you actually do like Brussel Sprouts! 🙂

2. Think about the foods that are your triggers. For example, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is my downfall. I can’t keep it in my house, so I have to do my best to keep it out of my house or I will eat the entire thing. I love it and make it a habit to ONLY eat it while I’m out as a treat. I had one participant in one of my monthly fitness accountability groups who loved french fries, instead of running to McDonald’s every day for a small fry and a Coke, she bought potatoes and if she had a hankering for french fries, she would have to clean, cut, and bake one potato for her fries. This helped to cut down on going to McD’s but also made fries more of a treat, since she had to prepare it and do all the work to get it. Plus, she saved tons of calories in the process. Think about your triggers and figure out how to manage them.

What are your triggers and how will you do your best to manage them moving forward? If you have more questions or need more help to getting your nutrition on track, comment below or connect with me on Facebook and we can chat more in depth about how to help you get on track!


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