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Finding Confidence at 30 Years Old!

HIMG_9231mmmm, how does one even begin. Well, most of you know my story, I struggled with depression and low self esteem from the age of 16 to about 29 years old. I never felt comfortable or confident in my skin. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, because I hated the person staring back at me. I mean, I literally used to get dressed in the dark to avoid looking at myself in the mirror.  Things were bad and mentally and emotionally, I was crushed.  Because of that, I also struggled in my professional life, not feeling good enough and that I didn’t deserve to be successful.  Personally, I struggled in my friendships and relationships, because I felt insecure and questioned everything.  But through my journey, what has helped me has literally been my faith and my fitness.  These two things have helped to gain confidence and strength.

Each day, I spend time developing myself, strengthening my faith, and committing to working out and eating healthy. Personal Development is key as it helps me to constantly improve on my skills so that I can be more effective in my path of coaching, training, speaking and writing.  Spending time reading the bible and praying, has helped me to have a better understanding of my true identity and seeing myself as God sees me and trusting his promises for me. Lastly, working out just makes me feel strong and empowered, which definitely helps!

This past week, I went to Mexico with 2 of my best friends, and what hit me was that this was the VERY FIRST TIME that I walked around on a beach in my bikini without a care in the world. This photo really shows how far I have come and how God has really worked on me to become more of who he has called me to be.  Yes, I have flaws and imperfections, which I could focus on, but then I realize that I have worked so hard to love the person that I have become, to be able look in the mirror and be happy with the person looking back at me, and to know that I worked hard at changing my body to make it stronger.  Who knew, I would find confidence and strength, at the age of the 30???

Happy Tuesday and I hope that you are walking in confidence and strength!  XOXO


2 thoughts on “Finding Confidence at 30 Years Old!”

  1. Allison, as you know, your story parallels mine. You continue to inspire me and I feel for fortunate to have gotten to know you a little! Keep doing what you are doing. I think you inspire more people than you know and your journey hits home with so many who leave their unspoken. Love you, girl! Miss seeing you here in Philly!

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