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The #1 Best Tip To Eat Healthy At Home

So, many people that I work with tell me that they do so well with eating clean when they are at work, but when they get home, they lose control and eat tons of junk and bad foods. Well, here is my favorite and number one tip for those people…GET THE JUNK OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

If you don’t keep junk in the house, you want eat junk when you are in the house. This weekend do a clean sweep of your pantry, fridge and freezer. Then head to the grocery store and farmers markets and stock up on healthy and tasty foods.

What is the #1 thing that you should keep out of the house that will sabotage your success? For me, it’s chocolate cookie dough ice cream. If it comes into the house, I have no self control and will eat it in one sitting, no matter how small or big the container is. Yikes! What about you???

4 thoughts on “The #1 Best Tip To Eat Healthy At Home”

    1. Hmmm…if it is the saltiness and the crunch they are looking for, maybe they can swap the chips with almonds/nuts or kale chips???? I’m working on perfecting a roasted chickpea recipe, that I have used as my new evening snack. I will share it once it’s completed. Hope these tips help!

    1. It’s such a simple tip, but we so often forget about it. But you are so right about that, our willpower does fade and by the end of the day, we tend to be at our most vulnerable state. Glad that you enjoyed this!

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