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Clean Eating Tip: If you are going to CHEAT, make it worth it!

People always ask me, “Do you ever eat ‘REAL FOOD’?” When they say this, I’m assuming that they mean do I ever junk food or food that is not healthy. Well, OF COURSE I DO! There are some amazing dishes out there, that are not healthy at all, but I love them and I eat them. But the key is to make a conscious decision about your Cheat or as I call them Treat Meals, so that way there is no guilt afterwards and I always make sure that I make it an isolated moment, and don’t let it cause me to stay in that spot, but to get right back to Clean Eating.

Here is a video I created, where I share my thoughts on Cheat Meals aka Treat Meals, and how they can be properly incorporated into your Clean Eating lifestyle.  Plus, I share with you the most unclean thing I’ve ever eaten in my life and how I loved every single minute of it! 🙂

If you have any questions of need more information about Clean Eating, feel free to download my free Clean Eating Guide

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