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PIYO Results are In!

I recently just completed PIYO, which is a 60 day home fitness program from Beachbody that focuses on functional flexibility, cardio and strength training. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about doing this program, being that I had just finished a very intense 90 day program with P90X3, which included tons of weights, pushups, and pull ups.

PIYO gets its name from Pilates and Yoga, two genres of fitness that I am not very well versed in, mainly because I love doing things that are high intensity and impact.   So I will be 100% honest to say that I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy this program or that I would notice any real results.  But, what I loved about this program, was that it wasn’t SLOW or boring. I could feel my body changing by simply using my body to create the change (without weights or jumping around like a crazy woman.)

Check out the results:

10702090_825313330823518_1196465661396164649_n 10570319_825313297490188_6048489105232492564_n

I didn’t notice significant weight loss, as I am pretty much at my goal weight, but I did notice that my legs had more definition, my gluteus lifted and got more round (this is totally a good thing), my core was stronger, and my arms/shoulder/back were more defined. What I didn’t realize, was  how much stress I had been putting on my body and how PIYO really did help me to restore my body. I noticed less aches and pains getting out of bed in the morning, more flexibility, and my body seemed more toned and sculpted.Overall, I felt that my body was stronger, more flexible healthier, and sexier.

This is the perfect program if you:

  • want to take a break from the more intense workouts, like CrossFit and other HIIT regimens.
  • Are a runner looking to help improve your stride
  • want to restore and heal your body, while not skipping out on workouts
  • don’t like to use weights, but still want results
  • want to protect your joints
  • just want something different, new, and fun!

If you would like to try out PIYO, you can try it out in my monthly Coaching Groups.

Click here to learn more about my Group Coaching Program. 

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