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The Truth About How to Get Abs

20140806-160923-58163235.jpgToday I had a conversation with a good friend and client, told me that she wanted to have abs by Christmas.  As much as I know she wants that to happen, the reality is that there are no quick fixes or short cuts to getting abs.  I can be the first to tell you that, as my abs were the LAST thing to show up! But almost 2 years later, they are still there!  Which makes me super happy, because it goes to show that if you want abs, it will mean COMMITMENT & CONSISTENCY!
Many people are going ga-ga over waist trainers, diet pills, weird diets, and shakes to help them get abs.  The reality is that if you want to get abs, you will need to make the appropriate changes to your diet first.  The saying “Abs are made in the Kitchen” is the most valid statement I’ve ever heard, because it was in 2013 that I made the commitment to focus on my nutrition. I started with the Ultimate Reset and lost over 10 pounds (that I didn’t even know that I had to lose – click here to see my journey), from there I continued with learning more about Clean Eating and realizing that it wasn’t a diet, but a way of life.   That’s why I created the Clean Eating Guide to help people understand more about Clean Eating. Once you have mastered eating clean, you will begin to see the changes happen, but 70% of your results will come nutrition.
The next part, is to be consistent with your fitness regimen and that doesn’t mean just doing 1000 crunches a day. It means, choosing a regimen that will challenge you, but also one that you will stick with and do it consistently.  My friend actually injured her knee by running and weight lifting, when she was not ready for it. Now, she is unable to workout and I’m sure feels quite defeated as Christmas is on it’s way and her abs are not here yet.
The moral of the story is – if you want, abs you have to be committed to do the work to get them.  That means eating clean and training mean consistently.  There are no quick fixes, wraps, shakes, pills, or a crazy “fad diet” that will do for you, what simple fitness and nutrition can.  For some tips on Ab Friendly Foods, check out this blog post and if you are looking for a fitness program that you will able to stick with, click here to set up time to chat to find your perfect program.  

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