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3 Ways to Get Back On Track with your New Years Resolutions

Photo Credit: Huffington PostWe are about 3 weeks into 2015, how are you doing with your Health and Fitness goals so far? I know how difficult it can be to get started and to stay commited with your goals at the beginning of the year. So, I wanted to give you 3 tips that may help you.

1. Don’t be afraid to do a “DO OVER”: Many times we feel that if we have one off day that we should just call it a quits and give up.  This is the biggest mistake that you can make, instead use it as an opportunity to evaluate what went wrong – maybe you choose a workout that you didn’t particularly enjoy and in turn it meant that you dreaded your workout, so you weren’t consistent with it.  Is it time to do a “Do Over”?

2. Find a Better Way: After evaluating what wasn’t working, start to think of other ways or alternatives that you can implement to help you reach your goals.  I like to say, keep the destination (i.e. lose 20 pounds), but be flexible with how you get there.  What are some things that you can try that are new and maybe better?

3. FInd a Partner: You are almost 8 times more likely to reach your goals when you have someone or even a group of people who are working towards the same or similar goals as you.  When you know that others are in the same boat and you make a plan to check in regularly with each other, it gives you an extra dose of accountability to keep pushing.  Who do you know who might want to join you on this journey?

The moral of the story is that we are not perfect and we won’t knock it out the park every single time, but if you are willing to try and give it the best you can each day, that is what really matters.  If you need more support or accountability with your 2015 Health and Fitness goals, I would love to help you, just comment below.  Also, on February 2nd, I have my next Online Fitness & Clean Eating Bootcamp starting up and you are more than welcome to join us. For more information, click here. 

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