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5 Tips to Turn Housework Into a Cardio Workout

Most people are not particularly eager when time for housework comes. No matter how well you share cleaning duties, you are often reluctant to take up with such activities, while you can fill up your time in a more enjoyable way. The truth is that performing the housework can turn out to be a useful activity not only for the cleanness of the property but also for your own health. It has been proven that housework tends to be a great way to burn calories – it does not matter whether you are mopping, dusting or polishing – as longs as the body is occupied with a certain activity, that gives you an opportunity to train it in an excellent way.

Now you do not need to go to a gym to keep yourself fit – instead, you can read the following instructions to learn more information about turning your housework into a cardio workout.

1. Ensure Flexible and Comfortable Clothes

Performing of the household chores in an excellent way requires wearing appropriate clothe. You need to feel stable, so that you can combine the housework with the exercising. Make sure that you have chosen comfortable clothes that will allow you to take up with more complicated housework that will contribute for the burning of calories.

2. Use a Timer and Set it For at Least 30 Minutes

If you want to achieve positive effect from your exercising, you need to set your timer for at least 30 minutes. Whatever housework you perform, make it last more than an half an hour. In this way the blood will circulate well and you will be able to burn calories in an excellent way without going to the gym. You will quickly observe how your constant chores can become a real aerobic exercise that have beneficial effect on your lungs and heart.

3. Focus on The Energetic Household Chores

One very important moment from your housework regime for training is to focus on more energetic chores like spring cleaning, decorating and other similar activities. Garden cleaning and maintenance is also an excellent option to train your body and to exercise muscles while performing the cleaning duties. When you provide the mowing of your lawn and the trimming of the bushes, you initiate more cardio workout that you can imagine. Combining the two activities will really make you feel refreshed and revived in an easy way.

4. Plan the Housework to Ensure Constant Moving

Plan your housework so that you can ensure constant moving in-between the duties. Ensure a constant running through the stairs and do not have huge breaks that may discourage you to continue with the housework. Use diverse procedures for the cleaning of the room – for instance- if you provide vacuuming of the floors, do not forget to mop them in an extensive way. If you follow the schedule for doing the chores in a consecutive way, you can forget about the gym, because you will ensure ideal training for the whole muscles.

5.Choose The Right Music

Choosing the right music will help you to keep yourself in the right mood while you do the chores. Pick up your favorite songs, roll up sleeves and get ready for your best cardio workout

These are some of the major moments to consider when you combine the housework with the cardio workout. They are easy to be applied and they will help you to stay fit for a longer time. Forget about the traditional methods for exercising and trust this innovative approach that will save you a lot of time and money. Apart from this, you will ensure sparkling clean home environment for you and for your family.

The article is contributed by Anna Aamone from HouseCleaners Islington

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