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How to shift your focus to have a more positive life 


 It’s easy to focus on the negativity, the past, the hurts, the failures, the mistakes, the circumstances that broke you, the dreams that never came true and the plans that fell through. However, that type of mindset will only create more of the things that will bring you down and dim your perception of what’s possible for your future. 

I’ve learned to appreciate my failures and mistakes because they taught me great life lessons, to embrace my imperfections and flaws which helped me to create a new definition of beauty and self love, and to accept my brokenness and my scars/battle wounds because they are reminders that I survived, endured and didn’t give up. 

You have the power and the strength to be who you’ve always wanted to be, but it will only happen when you make the decision to shift your focus. 

Today I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your past, your journey, and your story and ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. What lessons have I learned from my biggest failures? 
  2. What do I have to be to grateful for? 
  3. How have I grown stronger from enduring the tough times in my life? 
  4. How has past set the tone for a bright future? 
  5. Who can benefit from my story ? 

Taking the time to reflect on these questions, can help you to make peace with yourself and your past, but also give you momentum to keep pushing! 

If you’re still struggling to reach your goals, let’s chat more about it. Fill out the form at to set up a free 30 minute coachinf session. 

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