3 questions to ask to motivate you to get healthy!

b2ap3_thumbnail_new-mindset-istock_000082628207_mediumMost people think that all it takes to lose weight is to workout and eat healthy, in theory yes. These are the two things that you should do, everyone should do these things. However, as easy as it is to eat healthy and workout, I find that most of my clients struggle with doing these things consistently.   They are easy to do, but also easy not to do, and it what it really boils down to is your MINDSET! 

I know it may sound hokey, but it’s true  and with every client I’ve worked with who has struggled with developing the proper habits, has seen improvements when we took a step back and focused on their mindset around fitness and nutrition.  To break it down, your mindset is simply a compilation of your own past experiences and beliefs, as well as those of others who influence you.  This also include your (and their) successes, failures, and fears.    I had one client who was convinced that she would always be overweight and was destined to have diabetes because everyone in her family had it or died of complications from diabetes.  Her mindset had already set her up for failure and she didn’t even feel the need to try to eat healthy or workout, so she stuck with being sedentary and eating junk food.

When we first started working together, I must admit, I was heart broken at her approach at life and how she had given up and decided to let diabetes win and claim her life.  During our first meeting, I assigned her 3 tasks to do for a week and it really set the tone for the rest of time together and helped her to lose over 75 pounds, reverse her diabetes and start to help her family members do the same!

I gave her a blank notebook and gave her 3 writing assignments:


  • Assignment #1: In a perfect world, what would your life look like? How would you feel look? How would you feel? What would your health look like? What would your relationships, career, free time, finances look like?
  • Assignment #2: If you could change one thing about your current health and fitness status, what would it be and why? What is your current health and fitness status costing you? What is it costing your relationships, career, finances, happiness, etc?
  • Assignment #3: What do you believe your purpose in life is? Who are you supposed to serve? What difference are you supposed to make in this world?

During our next coaching session, my client came back to me and she looked different, already in one week, she had began to make changes in her life, without me even giving her any other tasks. When I asked her what changed, she said that realized that she had allowed her mindset to hold her back. She had always dreamed of starting a non-profit to help with homeless children and she realized that her current body and health would prevent that from happening. She knew that she would have to be healthy in order to do what she felt she was put on this earth to do, she also knew that if she allowed diabetes to rule her life, she would never be able to start the non-profit. She thought about all of the people she could help and how she could help her family to get healthy and realize their dreams and goals to. Ultimately, she said “I want to break the curse of diabetes over my family and help us to rise up!”

That was a turning point for her and it made our coaching and training sessions easy, because now she had the right mindset and wasn’t afraid to try new things, she didn’t make excuses when it came to changing her diet or starting a new workout program. She was in it to win it and it was all because she had her mindset in the right place. 

I encourage you to take some time today and answer those same questions and really think about how your mindset may need to shift a bit in order to help you get focused and committed to getting on track with your health and fitness.

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