Coaching FAQs

Here are the answers to a bunch of questions that you may have about becoming a Beachbody Coach.

1. What is Beachbody Coaching?

Check out this video to get more information about Beachbody, the company, and the Coaching Opportunity!

As you can see, Beachbody Coaching is a breakthrough income opportunity for people who are passionate fitness and helping others. You have a HUGE opportunity to make a substantial income by simply helping to reach their health and fitness goals, by connecting them with Beachbody’s amazing and best-selling line of products. You succeed by helping others succeed!

2. Who is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a successful 10-year-old, $250+ million corporation based in Southern California. We create and sell the nation’s most popular in-home fitness and weight-loss products—high-quality, well-manufactured DVD workout programs, gear, and nutritional supplements that have been proven to work. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you’re teaming up with a solid, stable company and a best-selling brand.

3. How Do I Earn Money?

As a Coach, each time someone purchases a fitness program, Shakeology, health and wellness products, or workout equipment from your website (provided by Beachbody) you will earn 25% commission on every single order. So every week, you have the opportunity to get paid on what was purchased from your website. On top of that, as you continue to grow your team and your business, you will be able to participate in promotions and bonuses, simply because you are being a leader and helping your coaches to succeed.

But, you don’t just earn money, you can also earn free trips and receive gifts for winning monthly and quarterly contests.

4. What Does It Cost to Become a Coach?

It only costs $39.99 to start a Beachbody business. That includes your first month’s Business Services Fees and your Coach Business Kit, which comes with everything you need to begin earning income.  After the first month, you will pay $15.95 a month to keep your 3 websites up and running, which also includes your Success OnDemand trainings.

You are able to waive the $39.99 fee, if you purchase a Challenge Pack, which includes a fitness program of your choice and a 30 day supply of Shakeology. It also includes a 30 Day trial membership to Club Beachbody, which provides you access to online support and a meal planning tool.

In my opinion, starting off with a Challenge Pack is the best way to go, because it starts you off on the right foot, by using a program and drinking shakeology, which are the base of your business.  Challenge Packs start at $140.

5. Do I Need to be a Fitness Expert?

No, you don’t need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to become a Beachbody Coach. Coaches are simply people who are on their own fitness, health and/or weight loss journey and are helping others along the way. If you are passionate about wanting to get in the best shape of your life and want to pay it forward by helping others to do the same, then you can be an awesome coach!

6. Do I Need to be a “Slick” Salesperson?

Not at all! I was actually moved out of my sales position when I was working in Corporate America, so if I can be successful in this business, so can you! The most successful coaches are not the best sales people, they are the ones who are the most passionate about helping others to get healthy and fit. They are the ones who use the programs and products, have gotten results from them, and simply sharing with others to help them get the same (or better) results. Simply inviting people to join you to get healthy and fit, is the best and sure fire way to be successful, because to be honest, the programs and products sell themselves 🙂

7. What Kind of Support Will I Receive?

First, you get me as your Personal Mentor. I will work with you one-on-one to help to make sure that you get started on the right foot. You will have direct access to me and the rest of our team of coaches (who will now be your support system in this business).

Second, we have team wide group trainings that focus on how to be successful in this business.  The trainings are hosted by the top Coaches in the company where they are teaching you exactly what they did to have success, from how to use Social Media to how to build your team to grow your network to reach more people. The trainings are awesome and endless, so you never have to worry about being stuck.

Last, Beachbody provides amazing trainings, events, and resources that you can use.  The moral of the story is that you are supported and taken care of.

8. Will I Have To Purchase A Bunch of Products to Sell?

Unlike marketing programs that require you to buy a lot of products in order to participate, the Coach Opportunity has no inventory requirements. If you do want to purchase products for your own use or resale, you’ll get them at a significant discount.

9. Will I Have to Handle – Shipping, Inventory, Billing, or Customer Service?

No—when customers purchase products through your website, we take care of the rest.

10. Is it Easy to Set Up My Website?

Setting up and customizing your Beachbody Coach Website is low-tech and simple! We provide you with an easy-to-use system that allows you to add text and photos (or you can just use ours), and you can choose from a number of Beachbody marketing banners to help make sure your site is viewed.

11. How Does Beachbody Promote Its Products?

We spend millions of dollars every week advertising our home fitness programs on the major TV stations and cable networks. (You’ve probably seen our famous infomercials for programs such as P90X, Insanity, T25, Brazil Butt Lift, Les Mills Combat,  Turbo Jam, and Hip Hop Abs, as well as our magazine and Internet ads.) Millions of people already know about Beachbody, and every time we run an infomercial, we get thousands of new customers. We want those customers to shop through your store, so you get the commission on those sales!

12. Do I Get Any Discounts for Being a Coach?

As Beachbody Coach, you receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products available in the Team Beachbody store.

13. How Do I Get Started?

Watch this video and if you are still interested, send me an email at or click here to sign up!


1 thought on “Coaching FAQs”

  1. Ok so I’m very interested in being a coach. But I feel like a person who wants to join church but can’t seem to do it until they get right. I’m still 30 lbs over weight but people keep asking me how I’ve lost so much. I want to start using shako and see how much more success I can have. I just started a new job so the cost is a slight obstacle at this time. I know with your help I will reach my goals!

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