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Core & Booty Blaster Move

Here's a great exercise to work on your core and your glutes. Some keys to success with this move: 1⃣Keep your core tight the entire time by pulling your belly button in 2⃣Don't swing your leg, create a 1 second isomeric hold in between the two moves 3⃣Try not to arch your back when you extend… Continue reading Core & Booty Blaster Move

Fitness, Health, Motivation, Weight Loss, Workout

Standing Ab Workout

Here is an ab workout that I do to whittle my waist. Here are some tips: 1. Keep your core tight as you do each of these moves, don't let it, keep it tight! 2. Pull your belly button towards your spine to keep your core tight. 3. Don't forget to breathe through the moves,… Continue reading Standing Ab Workout