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The #1 Reason Why You Should Get Off The Scale

frustrated-with-losing-weight-2Have you ever started a new fitness program or diet and every single morning you would step on the scale to see if it was working? When you saw the number on the scale go down, you were elated and felt proud of yourself. It motivated you to keep doing the workouts and following the diet plan.  But what happened when you stepped on the scale and the number didn’t move? You probably just thought it was a fluke and you immediately begin to replay the last 24 hours to see what you did or didn’t do to cause the number to stay the same.  You try again the next day and still no change, now you’re starting to feel that you are doing something wrong. By day 3 of no progress, you are totally obsessed with finding the culprit for why you are not seeing progress and your motivation to keep going is dwindling by the second. By the end of the week, you are frustrated and feel defeated and quit all together. Sound familiar?

If this is something that you have struggled with in the past, I want to shed a piece of advice for you – STOP USING THE SCALE AS THE ONLY METRIC FOR SUCCESS! 

The scale only shows a small portion of the story and doesn’t reflect the healthy choices and small changes you are making to reach your results.  From my own experience, I’ve also found that the scale is usually the last thing to show true progress. Your best bet is to start to focus on Non Scale Victories which are more qualitative in nature, which can include improvements to your energy, mood, sleep, digestion, skin, hair, nails, etc.   This can also mean taking photos and trying on the same pair of pants each to physically see and feel how your body is changing.

When I work with my clients to help them shift from the short term mindset of the scale to a healthier and long term mindset of Non-Scale Victories, I find they stay motivated to continue with the workout programs and nutrition plans I have recommended and they tend to lose weight and keep it off for good.  Why is this? Because Non-Scale Victories give you immediate feedback on your progress and you begin to notice that you feel and look better.  It gives you a small “win” while you wait for the number on the scale to start to move.

If you are struggling to stay motivated because you are feeling frustrated and defeated by the scale, shift your thinking and begin to celebrate all of the things that are changing for the better as you build a healthier lifestyle that will improve the quality of your life for the long run!



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It’s time for another round of Insanity, Baby!

It’s time for another round of Insanity, Baby!

Well, fall is officially here and sooner than we think, it will be winter.  As much as I love the fall and the beauty of the leaves changing colors.  It is also a major threat to most people when it comes to their health and fitness.  With the shorter days, colder weather, and the plethora of holiday parties, baked goods, and excessive leftovers.

With that being said, me and a group of friends will be doing a round of Insanity to help fight winter weight gain.  We planned it out perfectly, because we will start on October 22nd and our rest week will fall during the week of Thanksgiving and we will be done by the week of Christmas.

I will use my blog as a way to keep you updated on my progress as well as the progress of the entire group.  If you want in on the action, you are more than welcomed to join our group.  As group members, we have all committed to 60 days of Insanity, drinking Shakeology, and checking in to our private Facebook group daily.  This is for those who have a lot to lose (weight, poor health, low self esteem, etc) and even more to gain (better health, improved quality of

life, healthier body, improved wellness, etc). More importantly, this is for those who don’t want the winter to be a major factor in their weight gain and those who want to start off 2013 on a good (healthy) foot. Join us by sending me an email at or by purchasing your Insanity & Shakeology (click on the blue link).

So, are you in?