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5 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

funny-pictures-winter-weight-loss-snowmanDid you know that the average American gains 5 – 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve? That’s not too surprising given all of the festivities and holiday indulgences, plus added stress with work, family, and travel.  Our schedules are out of whack and then there is always that one co-worker who brings in the treats and sweets!

This time of year, can wreck havoc on your current fitness and clean eating regimen and can also set you back in your goals for 2017. A lot of my clients have been asking me how to help them, so I wanted to put all of my best tips that have worked for my clients and me.

  1. Just Say No: This is definitely a no-brainer, but it just has to be said.  Many times, it’s all about having the willpower to simply say no to full indulgence.  For example, do you need to eat that piece of cake or indulge in a second plate of appetizers at the company holiday party? Probably, not.  One thing that I do to make it easier, if I know that i’ll be in a place where I’ll be tempted, is to eat a healthy snack or meal before attending an event. That way I won’t be starving and less likely to overindulge.
  2. Focus on Healthy Snacks: Remember, “FOOD IS FUEL” and if you are not able to have healthy meals for lunch or dinner, focus on making your snacks healthy.  Aim for foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, lean protein and healthy fats.  Lately, I’ve been snacking on an apple with a tablespoon of almond butter or whole grain pita with hummus and cucumber. I also keep Kind Bars and healthy trail mix in my bag for an easy grab and go option while I am out and about.  Protein shakes or green smoothies are also a great in the clutch snack. The focus is to find snacks that can fill you up, fuel you up, and help to keep your metabolism revved up.
  3. Find Healthy Alternatives: Tis the season to be creative and opt for healthier alternatives to your holiday favorites.  You might be surprised at how tasty and delicious an apple crumble can be in place of a traditional apple pie or even swapping a mixed drink or beer for a glass of champagne (which is lower in calories and carbs). It’s all about balance, but if you are looking for more options, check out my Healthy Holiday Recipe Pinterest Board. 
  4. Commit with a Buddy: People who have an accountability system in place can help them stay on track with their health and fitness goals.  Connect with a co-worker or a family member or your best friend and commit to taking a fitness class a few times a week or committing to logging your food in MyFitnessPal or even committing to eating a healthy breakfast and snacks each day.  Knowing that you have someone else in the same boat as you and that you have to check in with them, will help you to be more mindful in what you are doing and what you are eating, which sometimes is all you need to make better decisions.
  5. Establish a Reward: I don’t know about you, but I am all up for the new “Treat Yo’Self” movement and I have been very good about rewarding my good behavior.  One of my clients just told me that she booked a trip to Puerto Rico because she made a commitment that she would get a trainer and workout 3 times a week for 6 months. Not only did she meet that commitment, but she has lost 23 pounds since we started training and she has definitely earned her trip! Think of a reward that you can do for the beginning of the year if you avoid gaining weight by making the best decisions. Maybe it’s a trip, a new dress to wear on New Year’s Eve or a new toy or appliance!

Hopefully, these will help you to stay on track this year and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.  I am hosting a January Fitness & Clean Eating Challenge starting in the New Year and if you are interested in joining click here to submit an application! 

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5 Tips To Recover from Thanksgiving

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Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s time to get back on track with your health and fitness goals.  Remember, on average people gain 7 – 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so check out these 5 tips to help you keep that from happening.

  1. Drink TONS of water: Typically, your Thanksgiving meal is packed with carbs and sodium, which can cause you to bloat. Flush out your system with water, at least half your weight in ounces. If you don’t like water, add lemons or cucumber for added flavor.
  2. Eat Your Veggies: Dark Leafy Greens are great detoxifiers and full of amazing vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Try making a big salad and throw in some pieces of turkey for protein and to help get rid of left overs. I stick with my Shakeology once a day, especially during this time! 
  3. Move Your Body: Aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity, especially over the next few days. Go for a walk, hit the gym, gather the family for a dance party in the living room or yes, Black Friday shopping can count as your cardio. Aim for 10,000 steps! For a quick HIIT workout, check out my latest video
  4. Portion Out Leftovers: Avoid over-eating by portioning out your leftovers and making meals in Tupperware containers. Whatever is left either freeze or give away to guests! Keep one or two meals per person and get rid of the rest. For more info on Meal Prep Tips, check out this post
  5. Forgive Yourself: If you overdid it yesterday…so what?! Today is a new day and with the 4 tips above, you will be able to get right back on track. Focus on the time spent with friends and family and know that you still have the power to change your body and reach your goals!

Hopefully, you had a great Thanksgiving and if you need a bit more accountability with your health and fitness, join my upcoming Health Holidays Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge.  

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10 Tips to Fight Winter Weight Gain!

For some of you in the Northeast and Midwest, you probably experienced pretty mild weather for December last week, but nonetheless, it is still December.  And that means holiday parties, cookies, dinners, and all things peppermint (lattes, bark, cookies, candies, etc).  Most of the people that I work with when helping them with their weight loss and fitness journey, tend to lose momentum around this time of year.  Here are some tips that I have shared with them to help them out, so hopefully you will find this helpful as well!

  1. Drink LOTS of Water: Drinking water has many benefits, but one thing that I do now is increase my water intake because when I’m tempted to eat poorly or am surrounded by tons of sweets, I may not even be hungry for those things.  So I drink a big glass of water to help curb my appetite.  If I’m still tempted, I will most likely not as much because of the water.
  2. Drink Green Tea: I know that it is cold outside and sometimes you want something warm and comforting. Trade in the hot chocolate and lattes for a cup of green tea.  Green tea has metabolism boosting properties and can help to keep you burning calories!
  3. Schedule Your Workouts: With all of the parties and end of the year minutia your days and nights can be pretty packed.  Make your workouts a priority by scheduling them – write it down in your day planner or set an alert in your phone or put it on your to do list.  This will help you stay committed to your workouts if you know that you have it on your day’s plan of activities.
  4.  Eat Healthy Snacks: To keep yourself from being tempted by the varieties of goodies that circulate around the home and office, pack a few healthy snack options to keep in your purse, your desk or your car.  This way, you can choose to eat healthier options and not feel left out.  Try savory and sweet mixes to satisfy you like almonds and cranberries or apples and peanut butter.  Or even check out these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or Fudgy Oat Bars.
  5. Order a Salad Appetizer: When you are out to dinner with family and friends, always order a salad with tons of veggies and choose a low fat/low calorie dressing and have it on the side.  Eat your salad slowly and drink a glass of water with it.  This will help to fill you up so you will be less likely to over-indulge on your lunch or dinner.
  6. Drink Shakeology: This is a no-brainer to me because not only is it one of the most healthiest shakes around, but it also helps to eliminate your cravings and gives you tons of energy.
  7. Alternate Alcoholic drinks with water: If you can, I say avoid the drinks all together because they can increase your daily caloric intake tremendously, but if you want to partake, alternate your drinks starting with a glass of water first then have an alcoholic drink.  This will help to keep limit your intake, because drinking your calories can be a major setback, and also help you to stay sober and avoid hangovers.
  8. Eat Your Veggies First: If you are at a party scope out the crudite first and fill your plate with veggies or if you are at a lunch or dinner, eat the veggies on your plate first. This ensures that you load up on the healthiest stuff first which can limit the amount of the not-so-healthy stuff and desserts.
  9. Wear Comfortable Shoes: When you are out a holiday parties, this can be helpful because the second that your feet hurt you will most likely grab a drink, fill a plate and take a seat and stay there the entire night, instead of being up and walking around and if you are like me, dancing the night away.  Cheap trick to burn a few extra calories 🙂
  10. Forgive Yourself: If you do have a day or night where you over-indulge, don’t sweat it. It happens.  Forgive yourself and realize that tomorrow is a brand new day.  Many people let one bad day ruin all of the progress that they have made by simply quitting.  Stick with it and enjoy your holidays.

Hopefully, these tips will provide you with some options of how to stay on track to reaching your health and fitness goals!


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Shakeology Fudgy Oat Bars

Shakeology Frozen Fudgy Oat BarsOkay folks, with the holiday season kicking up, the sweet treats can be a huge set back to your success with eating healthy, working out and fighting winter weight gain.  I found this recipe on the
Team Beachbody website and I had to share this with you! This is the ultimate sweet snack that is tasty, decadent, and good for you.  I will keep these handy during the holiday festivities when I am tempted to have something sweet. Enjoy!
 Total Time: 1 hr., 10 min.Prep Time: 10 min.Yield: 4 bars

• 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
• 1 scoop Beachbody Whey Protein Powder
• ½ cup natural peanut butter
• ½ banana
• ½ cup rolled oats
1. Mix all ingredients together.
2. Freeze for at least 90 minutes in an 8″ x 8″ pan.
4. Remove from freezer, cut into 4 squares.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Calories: 249
Fat: 10g
Saturated Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 13mg
Sodium: 76g
Carbohydrate: 25g
Fiber: 4g
Sugar Total: 6g
Protein: 16g