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How to Get Abs (Plus 4 ab blasting moves that I love!)

Many people ask me questions about working on the midsection/abs/core. Especially, when it comes to getting a 6 pack. To be honest, I was always a person who could "feel my abs" but I simply couldn't see them. They were always covered by, what my old trainer said, "a layer of insulation". He was trying… Continue reading How to Get Abs (Plus 4 ab blasting moves that I love!)

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P90X3 Is here! Are you ready?

I am super excited about the newest program from Tony Horton, P90X3.  I mean, come one, did you see the results in the video above? Pretty cool, huh? I'm excited to get my hands on this program, as this is what I will be doing to kick off the New Year.  I will be hosting… Continue reading P90X3 Is here! Are you ready?

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Working Out Doesn’t Have To BORING!

Today I had a chat with a friend of mine who said that she desperately wants to lose 30 pounds, but she can't seem to find a way to stay committed to working out.  Her main reason is that working out is not fun to her.  She says she gets bored and she hates having… Continue reading Working Out Doesn’t Have To BORING!

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Join my September Fitness Challenge

Many people have made the decision to get healthy and fit, but find themselves challenged with staying motivated and eventually stop all together. I know how frustrating that can be, because that used to be me. But I want to let you know that every month, I host fitness challenges that are created to help… Continue reading Join my September Fitness Challenge

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Black Friday Fitness Deals

Greetings from Sedona, Arizona! I truly hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! For most of us, we indulged in some of our favorite holiday meals and treats (and I hope you enjoyed every moment of that!) And some of us also indulge in the Black Friday madness! Starting today at 12PM EST, there… Continue reading Black Friday Fitness Deals