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New Shakeology Recipe: Purple Reign

Last night, after a day of traveling across country to San Francisco, I was pooped by 8PM. I was too tired to even prepare dinner and traveling while on the Reset can be a bit of challenge. Problem was solved when my friend, Andrea, suggested we have Shakeology for dinner! She created this amazing recipe… Continue reading New Shakeology Recipe: Purple Reign


Another Healthy, Tasty and Filling Dinner Option!

This past weekend on my trip to the grocery store, Trader Joe's, I bought a pre sliced mushroom, onion, asparagus stir fry mix.  I was immediately thinking Asian cuisine, but when I realized that I was out of brown rice and all of the ingredients to make my stir fry sauce, I opted for Italian.… Continue reading Another Healthy, Tasty and Filling Dinner Option!